Thursday, October 4, 2007

Making Money Online is not a myth

Many people I know tend to dismiss money making opportunities on the web as hog wash. I do not blame them a bit due to the amount of scammers online. Let's not mix both of them up for a while. I myself have been a skeptic! I have been duped with get-rich-quick scams... So I spent considerable amount of time researching. Ad networking and affiliates seems to be the most reliable way of making money online. It's like any magazine you'll find out there and if your readership is high, you'll be getting good money for pixel real estate. As an example here's my second cheque from AdSense, due to the TOS I am not able to disclose the amount, let's just say it's enough to fuel my ride for 3 months. For people who want to know more about how you can start making some cash - contact me or hang around this blog.... Good luck!

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Update: Dollars Made to date $1560.00


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