Monday, October 1, 2007

Widget Bucks (New Advertising Network)

Earn $$ with WidgetBucks!

In this site, we have introduced several ways of monetizing your site, be it through networking or pure advertisement space. Recently we have noticed a new player in the market ... called WidgetBucks .

What's great about this is that unlike GIF animated banner, we have more enticing animation and buttons a widget would have in it's advertising.
Just like any other widgets they are available in different ranges and colors can be customized to match your site. They will also alow you to target 13 different categories (Sub categories are available for each category) you have a choice to manually decide on the category or let it run in contectual mode just like AdSense. They call it MerchSense.

Show me the money

So how does one make money from WidgetBucks ? Well you earn money each time someone clicks on a WidgetBucks ad widget on your site, also called pay-per-click, or PPC. You can also earn money by referring people to WidgetBucks . According to them a number of publishers have successfully making $3-$6 CPM. Payment is via Check but you need to hit $50 before you trigger your first payment.

How much you earn depends largely on your site's traffic and content.

You'll also be making money by referring publisers to WidgetBucks... you get $5 but that's when they have hit their first $50 payout. .

Great News!
It's giving out $25.00 as a signup bonus. How do you get the money into your pocket? Well make the rest of the $25.00 to reach $50 and your cash register will be ringing.

Overall, I like the concept, the design, amout of customization allowed, it's very clean reporting and how can I not mention the attractive grapics!

I just got mine and I am already loving it... why wait... Go get your own WidgetBucks

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Update: Dollars Made to date $1560.00


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