Sunday, February 8, 2009


EmailCashPro is a Singaporean-based paid-to-read-email service.

EmailCashPro has been around for more than 3 years. Surely it would not be a scam in Singapore, which is known for its draconian policies and legal system. It was featured in the country’s newspaper as seen here as well.

How does EmailCashPro work?

Members register Free @ EmailCashPro.
Registered members select the categories of advertisements they are interested in.
Emails will be sent accordingly.
Emails are opened and members have to follow the links through to the advertisements
Advertisements need to be loaded for 30 seconds to be credited
Credits are converted based on a portion of the earnings of the EmailCashPro.
Referrals can also be made through EmailCashPro. The referral tree can be up to 5 levels!

Minimum payout level is @ $11 and can be made via paypal or cheque. Just not too long ago, EmailCashPro has just expanded to international status though the bulk of the members are still based in Asia.

If you are keen, do click on the banner below to register Free of Charge.

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Update: Dollars Made to date $1560.00


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